Should I Buy or Rent a House? – The Complete Guide

Should I Buy or Rent a House? Buying a home is the largest investment you may ever make in your lifetime. So you will want to ensure that everything is done correctly. Messing up this decision could set you back quite a few years financially.

The question this guide answers is not should I buy a house but instead when should I buy a home. This is a question of timing. Are you at the stage of your life where buying a home is right for you?

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Why It Is Easier To Give Your Life To Christ Than Your Money?

give your life or money to God

It has almost become a predicable response at the end of sermons. The pastor asks who wants to give their lives to Christ and like a drone army everyone stands up right away, professing to give their entire lives over to Christ. For life long Christians this has become almost a reflex response that we don’t even think about. It’s no big deal. It’s what we do as Christians.

So recently I have started to do something very different. I have begun asking Christian stewards to commit themselves to the challenge Jesus gave the Rich Young Ruler. Instead of giving all of your life … I just want you to give all of your possessions. In an instant the drone army of compliant Christians evaporates.

Why is it so easy to for us to give our entire lives to Christ but we are frozen with fear at the thought that God may be asking us to give all of our possessions and money? Here are five compelling reasons why we would rather give our lives than our money.

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Why Is Change So Hard?

Keep Your Coins I Want Change

It is said, “The only constant in life is change.” (Heraclitus) If this is the case and change is always happening whether we like it or not … why is it so difficult to create the change we want to see in ourselves and others? … [Continue reading]

15 Simple Ways To Save A $1,000 Emergency Fund Without Increasing Your Income


Is there an easy way to save a $1,000 emergency fund? Saving a basic emergency fund is your first hurdle on your journey to financial freedom. For many people saving $1,000 may seem like an impossible task. To help you clear this hurdle successfully … [Continue reading]

How To Gain The Whole World Without Losing Your Soul [Infographic]

How To Gain The Whole World Without Losing Your Soul

Is it possible to gain the whole world without losing your soul? This is an interesting question. This text may be interpreted in this way, “You can either be successful in this world or you can be ready for heaven … but not both.” This is incorrect. … [Continue reading]

How Much Down Payment Do I Need for a House? [Infographic]

down payment

“How much should I save for a down payment when buying a home?” If you have ever thought about buying a house, this is one of the first questions you will probably be asking. “What percentage down payment will give me maximum benefit and savings?” … [Continue reading]