The Long-Suffering Teacher



My oldest child Maya, is now in Kindergarten. So, over the past few years I have had the joy of teaching her school work. You know the simple stuff: ABCs, shapes, math, and reading.

Have you ever tried to teach a child? Let me preface what I going to say next by admitting that I am a very patient person. But I don’t think any level of patience prepares you for what you encounter. I have had to throw in the towel on several occasions and re-group. I never knew that you had to repeat things so many times. A conversation can literally go like this.

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The Power of One Drop of Water


My wife and I love taking trips to Fernwood, a botanical garden and nature preserve here in Michigan. During one of our regular trips something caught my eye. There were drops of water seeping out of the side of a small incline. I followed the trail of moist ground until it became a small trickle and then a tiny stream that ran through the gardens.

I had to see more.

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The 10 Lowest and Highest Paying College Degrees and Careers

10 highest and lowest paying college degrees

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Should Christians Listen to Joel Osteen – 8 Questions To Consider Before Answering

Should Christians Listen To Joel Osteen

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Humorous Sermon Illustrations – How to Create Your Own

humorous sermon illustrations

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Over 20 Black Friday Tips From The Experts

black friday tips

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