How I Save $100s of Dollars On My Grocery Bill with mPERKS

Let me start off by saying this, “If you shop at Meijer with any frequency and do not use mPERKS, you are throwing away at least $150 – $300 dollars away every year.” Usually I am not excited about coupons or reward programs because they are just too much hassle or force you to purchase items you do not need or brands you do not like (store brands).

mPERKS eliminates all of these downsides for me and have become a no-brainer. I frequently save anywhere between $5 – $25 on my food bill without changing any of my shopping habits, purchases or brands. Here is how it works.

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How To Shortcut Your Way To A Great Marriage In One Easy Step

A Great Marriage

Let’s face it, if you have a happy marriage you will ultimately be much better at working together on money issues; which in turn will lead to greater financial success. Recently, I saw an article on talking about what sets happy marriages apart from unhappy ones. This article only presented the stats. But did you know there was a shortcut you can take to help get your marriage on the happy side of the statistics?

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Balancing the Radical Message of Biblical Prosperity with Real Life

Balancing the Radical Message of Biblical Prosperity with Real Life

On this blog I have talk a lot about Biblical Prosperity; which is quite different than the health and wealth gospel. But the question remains, “If a Christian steward (you or me) wanted to fulfill God’s radical stewardship message what would it look … [Continue reading]

Four Common Mistakes That Make People Hate Budgets

Four Common Mistakes That Make People Hate Budgets

The following is an excerpt from our free download “Your Debt-Free Guide” The thought of staying up late at night pouring over spreadsheets, bank statements and receipts is enough to scare anyone away from budgeting. When my wife and I created our … [Continue reading]

Help! I Think I Have A Disorder


I think that I have finally gathered enough information. I have noticed that I have not been myself lately. I have taken careful note of the symptoms I have been displaying and I am now ready to share the prognosis. It was somewhat hard to diagnosis … [Continue reading]

Are You Hoarder Or Saver According To The Bible?

Hoarder Or Saver

Does the Bible clearly condemn hoarding your money? Without blinking most of us will say … “Yes”. What about this question? Does the Bible clearly support saving? Without hesitation most of us will say … “Yes”. So what is the problem? Where do you … [Continue reading]