Why I Deleted Candy Crush Saga … Again … For The Fourth Time

candy crush saga

Are you addicted to Candy Crush Saga? I don’t blame you. I was introduced to this game by a friend and my gaming instincts quickly took over. By the way you may not know this but I did the Strengths Finder 2.0 exam and found out that my strength is focus. Having focus as my strength means that when I begin working on a task, I get so immersed in it that hours can pass without me recognizing it! Knowing this I decided that I would need to limit my involvement in this game. Long story short … Fail! I still had to delete Candy Crush Saga … again … for the fourth time. Here is why.

My Attempt At Limiting Candy Crush Play Time

Have you ever had those moments when you were just standing somewhere waiting on something or someone? Being a game lover I normally long for something to do in these moments. Maybe Candy Crush Saga could be the perfect fit! So I made a pack with myself that I would only play Candy Crush just in those moments.

This is where I must make a confession. The above decision was made only after I already had quit playing Candy Crush Saga a few times because it was talking over my life! At every spare second I was playing Candy Crush Saga! I had realized that something had to change. So … this was my attempt at cutting back. I narrowed down my play to just those specific moments when I really could not do anything productive. Normally this would be when I am waiting in the car, waiting outside a department store dressing room, waiting for an event to begin etc. It worked … for a while. Then I noticed something that made me quit again for the fourth time even though I did not stray outside my play time boundaries.

Why Quit Candy Crush Saga Again?

Here is what I noticed. Before I started playing Candy Crush Saga I was using all those dead blocks of time to reflect on life and God. I would come up with new ideas and theories and write them down in my phone for later reference. Once I started playing Candy Crush Saga this all changed. At time I noticed a down moment I couldn’t wait to get back to playing. My mind was constantly occupied with the thought of getting back to the game. My normal brain chatter with God throughout the day decreased and my focus had changed.

Are You Saying Candy Crush Saga Is Bad?

Let me say that there is nothing wrong with playing Candy Crush Saga in itself. There are no real moral issues related to this game. However, I am starting to think that all of these social and cellphone games and activities that are popping up are having a grave effect on Christian stewards. It is keeping us distracted from real life. More importantly it is keeping us from thinking about our purpose here on earth and our relationship with God.

As Christian stewards we must recognize that our time is one of the most important resources that we have. We must be careful not to waist it on things that are trivial and unimportant.

Do you want to identifying where you might be wasting time in your life? See Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrants of Time Management for Christian Stewardship

Have you noticed anything else that is taking over our free time and keeping us distracted? I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment below.

Image: Flickr by faseextra

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Knowing Vincent, I found this post extremely humorous…but yet the thought is quite serious. I think Facebook is a big distraction as well as other social media…we become so busy “following” other people and sending them “invites,” that we loose track of the One we should all be following and inviting others to follow, Jesus Christ…. Joan Rahming

    • Anonymous says:

      after reading your post i’m in the process of deleting candy crush for the third time, it has completely taken over my life

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